Quick-Start Video 1: App vs. Website Portal - Registration, Subscription, & Company Details


App vs Website Portal –
Register/Profile/Subscription Details/Company Tab

  • To get started, Register for SMM@pp
  • Steps to set up account
    • Bell
    • Blank Profile Picture
      • Administrative Profile
      • Subscribe
      • Company Link
        • Logo or Picture
        • Company name and Hourly rate under Company Information
      • Time Left on Free Trial
        • Choose packages
        • Invoices – additional billing info under all receipts.
      • Preview of Next Step

Welcome to the Senior Move Manager Application, or “SMM@pp”!

In this SMM@pp QUICK START Series, whether you are an Administrator or an Agent, you will learn how to navigate and use the SMM@pp Web Portal and the SMM@pp Mobile Application.  In this step, we will cover registration, managing your profile, Trial & Subscription Settings.  In following steps, we will set up your default room items, create your first estimate, download the SMM@pp Mobile Application, add rooms, room items, and notes to that first estimate within the Mobile Application, and then we will save and complete that first estimate.  You will then be prepared to integrate SMM@pp into your SMM workflow! 


If you are an administrator, to get started, please go the following link to sign up: http://app.smmapp.biz/register

If you are an agent, you will have received an emailed invite from your Team Administrator.  Click that link to register.  You will use that same email address and password you typed in to log into BOTH this management Web Portal and the Mobile Application.

Once you have registered, please follow the steps below to set up your account.

After registering or logging in, look to the far upper right of your screen you will notice a bell. If a red dot appears on that bell, you have a notification or announcement waiting for you. Simply click on the bell to view notifications and click on the announcement tab to view the announcements you may have.

Also in the upper right of your screen you will see a circle with a blank profile picture inside of it. Click on it to view your administrative Profile, Subscribe and Company links. If you have multiple companies set up, you can also switch between them in this menu by clicking on their name.

  1. Under Profile you can change the administrative photo and main contact information. On the left you will see navigation for Companies and Security.
    • From the Companies link you can create multiple companies to track in the SMM@pp system. This will add to the list of Current Companies on this page. Click on the cog next to the company name to enter their dashboard.
    • From the Security link you can update your password to the SMM@pp system. Confirm your current password and enter the new password twice and click on “Update” to make the change complete.
  2. Under Subscribe you will be directed to the subscription page where you can see your Trial status or your subscription settings. If you are an Agent, you will see the other Agents in your Team.
  3. The Company link will take you to your Company settings. This can also be accessed in the main navigation at the top of your screen under Company.
    • Under the Company Photo box click on select photo to upload your logo or picture. This will appear on the invoice or statement
      • Fill out your Company name and hourly rate under Company Information and click on “Update”
    • On the left side of the screen click Agents in your settings. This is where you can invite multiple agents in your company that will be able to access the SMM@pp Mobile Application to enter in estimates.
    • Click Subscription to see the time left on your free trial. This is also where you can choose the package for the number of agents and your billing information when your trial ends.
    • Under Payment method you can enter your credit card information to pay for your subscription.
    • Click on “Invoices” to add additional billing information that will appear under all of your receipts.
  1. Logout will take your out of the SMM@pp system.


However, stay logged in or log back in, and in the next step we will go through setting up your Default Room Items and starting your First Estimate! 

Quick Start Video 2: Create Room Default Items & Start Your First Estimate


Set Up Default Room Items & First Estimate

  • What’s in this step: use web portal to create default room items and first estimate, which will then be visible when you download and open mobile application
  • Creating Default Room Items (in web portal)
  • Creating a New Estimate (in web portal)
    • Selecting an agent and fill out information
    • Optionally, upload an image
    • Save
  • You and agents download mobile application
  • What to expect in next step

In this step, we will use the SMM@pp Web Portal to create default room items and create your first estimate, which will then be visible when you download and open the SMM@pp Mobile Application on your smartphone or tablet.

Next, you will want to get your default Room Items set to make it quick and easy to select them in your mobile app.

  1. In the top navigation click on Room Items This will bring you to the section where you can fill out all default room items that will appear in your SMM@pp Mobile application. Click on the + New Room Item to the left to add an item and the hours to assign to it and then click “Save” to use it in your mobile application.

Finally, create your first Estimate

  1. In the Navigation click on Estimates to view your estimate dashboard.
  2. To create a new estimate, click on + New Estimate
  3. Select your Agent that will fill out the estimate on the mobile application. Continue to fill out Physical, Billing and Moving address. To quickly copy information, use the “same as” links next to the titles of that section. For Example, to copy the Physical address information to the Billing information, click on “Physical” to the right of Billing Address.
  4. Upload an image to help your Agent. This could be a location image or anything to help identify it. This is not required.
  5. Click Save to finish.

Once your Company and Agents are set up and you have your first Estimate started, you will be ready to download the mobile application. In the next steps, we will cover how to download the SMM@pp Mobile Application to your smartphone or tablet, followed by a walkthrough of the process for completing your first Senior Move Estimate in SMM@pp!  

– Android – https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.movemanager&hl=en

– Apple iOS – https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/smm-pp/id1203791221?mt=8

Quick Start Video 3: Download the SMM@pp Mobile App on Android or Apple


Download the SMM@pp Mobile App on iTunes Store or Android Store for Your Smart Phone or Tablet!

  • What’s in this step: How to Download and Open the SMM@pp mobile app using iTunes Store or Android App Store. You should have already set up your information in the Web Portal.
  • Use the provided link pertaining to your mobile device’s operating system, or search the iTunes Store or Android App Store for SMM@pp
  • Login using same email and password as used for your account.
  • Describe the tabs for Open & Completed Estimates.
  • Mention topics for the next step: Navigating SMM@pp Mobile App, creation and modification of Rooms, Room Items, and Notes pertaining to each Estimate therein.

In this step, we will download the SMM@pp Mobile Application to a smartphone or tablet, using iTunes App Store or Android App Store.  You should have already set up your Profile, Default Items, and started our first Estimate at this point.  If you haven’t, see the first step in this series. 

Download SMM@pp to your mobile device:

– Android (Google Play Store – Search for “smm@pp”) – https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.movemanager&hl=en

– Apple iOS (Apple App Store – Search for “smm@pp”) – https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/smm-pp/id1203791221?mt=8

Login using the email address and password you set up for your account. The device will remember this password, and you will only want to use the same account on your device.

After logging in, you will see a list of any open estimates. To view completed estimates, tap the completed tab.

In the next step, we will explore navigating the SMM@pp Mobile App, including the creation and modification of Rooms, Room Items, and Notes that pertain to each Estimate within the application. 

Quick Start Video 4: View & Edit Estimate by Adding Room Items and Notes


Viewing an Estimate in SMM@pp Mobile App, Rooms, Items, & Notes

  • What’s in this step: Adding Rooms, Room Items, and Notes to your Estimate
  • Adding Rooms to your Estimate
    • Adding Photo to your Room
  • Adding Room Items to Your Estimate
    • Adding Photo to your Item
  • Adding Notes to your Estimate to keep track of other things you will need to know
  • What’s in the Next Step: Saving & Completing Estimates, which requires a wireless or data internet connection

At this point, you have set up your Profile and Default Item information in the SMM@pp Web Portal, started your first Estimate, and downloaded and opened the SMM@pp Mobile Application to your mobile device.  Now, it is time to view and edit your estimate, adding Rooms, Room Items, and Notes. 


Viewing an Estimate

Tap on the estimate name you wish to view and edit. This will bring you to the main estimate view. From here you can email, call or get directions to the location of the Estimate.

At the top right corner, you can edit the estimate. Simply tap the square with the pencil icon to edit and click on “save” in the upper right when finished.

Under the name and address you will find a row with two buttons, Rooms and Notes.


The Room screen will first appear blank until you start adding rooms to your estimate. Click on the Rooms tab then click on the + in the upper right of the screen.

– Type in the room name

– Add an image to this room by tapping Update Image

This will ask you to select an option

  • Take Photo – this will let you use your devices camera to take a picture of the room and its contents.
  • Choose from Library – Select a previously taken photo or image.
  • Remove Image
  • Cancel

o Click on Save in the upper right to save your room.

– To edit a room, click on the square with a pencil in the upper right of the room you are viewing, edit and then click save.

Next you will be asked to enter Items of the room.

– Click on the Items tab

o Click on the + in the upper right hand screen

o Select a previously entered item or create a custom item by tapping Custom

  • Fill in the name and change the rate and hours if needed.
  • Tap Update Image to add a photo or image to the item.
  • Tap Save in the upper right corner to finish.

Select as many items as needed. Your running total will be displayed at the bottom of the page.

– When finished, tap the < in the upper left corner to get back to the rooms screen.


Add notes to this estimate to keep track of anything you will need to know later on.

– Tap Notes in the estimate.

– Tap the + button in the upper right.

– Type a title of the Note and tap below to enter text for your note.

– When finished tap on Save in the upper right.

When you have completed taking notes tap on the < in the upper left until you return to your desired screen.

You will then continue to add and edit Rooms, Room Items, and Notes until all of your information for the Move has been entered.  Your SMM@pp Mobile App training is almost complete!  In the next step, we will cover Saving and Completing Estimates, which requires that your Mobile Device is connected by wireless or data to the Internet. 

Quick Start Video 5: Saving Your Estimate, Marketing it Complete, & Securing the Signature


Saving and Completing Estimates

  • What’s in this Step
  • Need a wireless or data Internet connection
  • Saving your Estimate
  • Marking your Estimate as Complete
  • Signature
  • What’s Next…

You have set up your profile and default information in the SMM@pp Web Portal, Downloaded the SMM@pp Mobile App, and you have entered Rooms, Room Items, and Notes to your first estimate.  We will now demonstrate how to Save your Estimate, as well as how to Mark Your Estimate as Complete when the information is finalized on the estimate and you are ready for a signature. 

Save and Complete

When all the rooms, items and notes have been added, check the Estimate Total at the bottom. If this looks correct then you can either save the estimate or mark it as complete.

Save Estimate requires a wireless or data connection to complete. Make sure you have a connection before you save or save when you can acquire a connection.

Mark Complete will bring you to the digital signature page where you can have the client sign with their finger. The total amount they are signing for shows at the top of the screen.

Once they have signed, tap Complete in the upper right corner. The also requires a connection to complete the saving process. Once an Estimate is marked complete, you cannot add/edit or save any changes with exception of notes.

To go back to the list of estimates click on the < in the upper left

Once an estimate is complete it will be taken out of the Open tab and put in the Completed tab. The tab you are currently viewing is orange.

To view a completed estimate tap on Completed.

– Tap on any completed estimate you wish to view.

– Remember, you cannot add, edit or change the estimate. You can only add and edit notes on that estimate. To go back to your list of open estimates tap on Open.

If you are still in a 30-day Trial, you will receive reminder emails to become a Subscribing Member of SMM@pp when your demo is almost over.  Update your subscription payment settings at any time to ensure you continue to enjoy the benefits of SMM@pp for your SMM business!