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Your company can help clients with downsizing or home relocation needs with SMM@pp. A high-tech solution with budget-friendly pricing for businesses large and small.


After seeing a great need for an interactive solution, Golden Bridges Certified Senior Move Managers joined forces in 2016 with Vervocity Interactive to develop SMM@pp, a Senior Move Manager App. When companies help clients, including the elderly, downsize or relocate, it is customary to see:

  • An agent walking through the space with a clipboard in hand.
  • Checklists for pre-move and post-move.
  • Forms in triplicate for the office, movers, and customer to have copies.
  • Paperwork everywhere that can confuse the situation.
  • Both the agent and the customer making numerous trips to the office to go over papers and sign on the line.

Now is the time to embrace technology. Your team members are mobile and used to being on mobile devices throughout the day. Even clients young and old are on tablets and smart phones. Simplify the entire process by working securely in the cloud using SMM@pp. There’s no need to spend your profit on new software or app solutions … SMM@pp is ready to install and get to work. No IT person necessary.

Features With Mobile

It’s time to embrace technology and transform your business today! Boost productivity and efficiency behind-the-scenes and in front of clients while working securely in the cloud.

Smartphone or Tablet Access

Access jobs on the spot using a tablet or smartphone. There’s no need for a pad of paper or clipboard when you can assist clients on location with a swipe of a finger.

Easily Manage Estimates

Assign an estimate and the team member will open it and begin. They’ll add rooms and then add inventory items to each room by selecting from a defined list or by adding a custom item. Mark an estimate as complete when the job is done.

Accurately Price Jobs

Compare inventory lists and hour estimates on location to accurately price every job. You’ll never find pricing inaccuracies after-the-fact again.

Utilize Working Estimates Onsite

View your estimates in real-time. Streamline operations as you collect information like photos and notes in the field. Working securely in the cloud will transform how you do business.

Multiple Users & Multiple Jobs

Keep your team organized. Each user has their own log in and will access active jobs from a computer or mobile device to stay on task.

Easy Digital Signatures

Your client can sign with a stylus or finger. Once you’ve saved the estimate, get their digital signature for approval while you’ve got their attention.

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